im·pact  jug·gling  (mpkt  jgl-ing)  Pronunciation Key  Hear It
1. The power of making a strong, immediate impression while causing amusement and sport by tricks of skill.
2. The force or impetus transmitted by a collision preceded by an attempt to keep two or more objects in the air at one time by alternately tossing and catching them.

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Welcome to Impact Juggling. The primary purpose of this site is to share photos with my friends and colleagues who are now strewn about the country. It's also a neat gimmick for my nieces and nephews.

And today, Kerry and I are quite happy to use impactjuggling as an easy to remember way to share wedding information, stories, photos and links.  Be sure to check out the "Picture Page" for what we hope will be up-to-date photos from our journeys as they unfold!

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